What We Learned From Vacationing In "Grandma Clothes"

What's the best way to see Maui? With people you love and dressed to impressed. Forget your shorts and bikinis! In this blog post, we share what we learned after vacationing in vintage Hawaiian muʻumuʻu.

Before introducing our collection to the world, we decided to take a quick trip to Maui. The challenge: We were only allowed to pack muʻumuʻu. Until this trip, we had only been brave enough to rock the old school look for special occasions, work on Aloha Fridays, and at private photo shoots. During this weekend getaway, we wanted to know what it was like to really live in muʻumuʻu. So we packed a bag of 3 dresses each and headed to the Valley Isle for an experience we'll never forget. Here are a few things we learned on our journey.

1. Muʻumuʻu are PERFECT for Hawaii's fickle climate

We arrived at the Kahului Airport on a day of heavy rain and winds. With record low temperatures and snow falling on Haleakala, it was definitely not an ideal day in paradise. Luckily for us, it warmed up throughout our stay, and we got a chance to soak in some Maui rays. We realized by the end of the trip that rain or shine, freezing cold or 85 °, our muʻumuʻu never failed to keep us comfortable. Our bodies never being exposed to too much sun, the full coverage of the muʻumuʻu shielded us from both the heat and harsh winds. Loose, breezy, and long are now our vacation wardrobe requirements.

2. People treat you differently

Two millennials walking around in muʻumuʻu stood out in the crowds. It took us a while to get used to the stares. We were greeted everywhere with curious looks and sincere compliments. Strangers of all ages and backgrounds were excited to tell us how much they admired our muʻumuʻu. People were constantly smiling at us as we passed by. It was as if our muʻumuʻu brought the aloha spirit out of everyone we encountered. .

3. Muʻumuʻu is a whole mood!

At the start of our trip, we were a little shy about standing out. However, by the time we left Maui, we had gained new confidence. We were a lot more comfortable with those lingering stares and people approaching us. It's no secret that how we look on the outside affects how we feel on the inside. There is definitely some magic to the muʻumuʻu that convinces its wearers they are part princess. We learned that muʻumuʻu posses a girlish dignity that makes you walk a little taller, and smile a lot more.

While we missed out on many opportunities for bikini pics, we got to enjoy Maui from the comfort of classic Hawaiian dresses and wore the spirit of aloha on our backs. In the words of Patti Cook, a Hawaiʻi Island community leader,

"How we dress has to do with how we treat each other. You feel more connected to our community when you wear aloha attire."

If you are what you wear, then we'll stick to aloha wear.

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