Escape To Kaimuki

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Just a 5 minute drive from Waikiki is the cute little town of Kaimuki. It’s filled with small locally owned shops and restaurants, giving visitors a more authentic taste of Hawaii. A quick escape from the noisiness of Waikiki, Kaimuki is a great town for a quaint lunch-time stroll.

Our day began as all good days do, with coffee...and gelato! Coffee Talk has been a favorite spot of our's for years. It’s the perfect place to people watch and offers a great view of Waialae Ave, Kaimuki’s main street. They always serve an assortment of new and classic pastries, but Evette was in need of an ice cream fix. Luckily Via Gelato is right across the street. Handmade gelato in Hawaii? Yes, please.

Surf N Hula is one of our favorite vintage stores on Oahu! It is filled with endless Hawaiian memorabilia such as vintage surf posters, aloha wear, toys, books, and SO MUCH MORE. Evette found a film camera for underwater use, and I found the perfect hair pick to add to my collection. Surf N Hula is ideal for some cultural window shopping and finding unique souvenirs. Did I mention I bought this blue 60's dress there a few weeks ago?

There's nothing quite as nostalgic for locals as a crack seed store. My mouth always waters as soon as I walk in the door. Visit this local candy shop to try popular dried fruits or sweet and salty treats.

A bountiful and diverse restaurant scene, one of a kind shops and boutiques, and a real Hawaiian feel, Kaimuki contrasts Waikiki in the most refreshing of ways. Parking can be crowded so we recommend the bus. A day pass may be purchased from your bus driver for just $5. From Kuhio Ave. you will take route 2 and transfer to route 9. See you in Kaimuki!

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